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French Brass

Brass Lighting and Bronze Lighting Solutions from Kingdom Lighting

Brass lights add warmth to your home. Their rich tone complements many decorative styles. Brass is one of those metals that looks fantastic brand new as well as stressed. That why antique brass chandeliers look just as nice as polished brass chandeliers. Add an antique brass sconce or two to the mix and you'll have some fabulous depth in your room's lighting.

Solid Brass Chandeliers and Brass Wall Sconces at Kingdom Lighting

Let's say you need a  solid brass chandelier






and maybe even brass wall sconces because your room is looking a little dark and drab. With honey-toned antique brass lights your room will go from quaint to va-va-voom. The brass chandeliers and brass wall lightsat Kingdom Lighting have a lot of personality. Even the most mild of rooms can be enhanced if they just have the right antique brass light fixtures. Spice up your style with some of these classic designs. It will only add to the sophistication and overall appeal.




Bronze Crystal chandeliers, Vintage Antique Brass Chandeliers and More

A bronze crystal chandelier would look lovely hanging above the dining room table or as the centerpiece for the main entrance. Elegance can be quite simple if you know what works best. Vintage design will always be popular. Both antique bronze chandeliers and antique brass chandeliers hold their own as timeless pieces. When you know where they should be placed you can work wonders with your home