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The Beauty of the Cosmos: Galaxy Crystal Chandeliers

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Most chandeliers call to mind an image from history: popular styles such as Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers and empire crystal chandeliers have their origins in the elegant spaces and formal settings of antiquity. While chandeliers are a perfect choice for blending a contemporary space with the traditional, classic imagery of cultures past, the world's finest crystal lighting fixtures are versatile as well. Modern spaces can incorporate chandeliers designed in more unique and futuristic styles to enjoy the beauty of crystal illumination without detracting from a contemporary aesthetic. One of the best styles for this type of decorating is galaxy crystal chandeliers.

Taking inspiration from the cosmos, galaxy crystal chandeliers use hanging crystals to reflect abundant light and provide a unique and dramatic source of illumination for any space. Many include polished chrome with a mirror-like reflective sheen to enhance the experience. Suitable for avant-garde spaces and modern decor, galaxy crystal chandeliers are a unique and compelling variation on a classic fixture. Kingdom Lighting carries a wide range of these crystal chandeliers as well as many other lighting collections featuring bestsellers in a fantastic variety of styles.