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Chandelier History

Crystal Chandeliers Create Drama throughout the Home

Crystal Chandeliers used to mark your arrival. Clad in glimmering crystals, they met you in the foyer of a well-appointed home, then dazzled you from a power position over the dining room table.

In the past, rarely did you find a chandelier in a starter home. To see them illuminating any room other than one used for entry or dining, more unusual still.

My, how times have changed!

Today chandeliers rate as a brilliant idea just about anywhere -- from modest homes to magnificent mansions, contemporary digs to traditional houses. They dangle decorously in almost every room of the house.

Credit our bigger-is-better building boom. Taller ceilings and increased volume in today's homes means chandeliers are less likely to crowd a room.

"Nine-and-10-foot ceilings almost demand something hanging to fill the space," says Joe Rey-Barreau.