Chandelier Options

From Bagel Crystal Chandeliers to Contour Crystal Chandeliers


Bagel Crystal Chandeliers may look stunning in one room while a Contour Crystal Chandelier inspires awe in another. Every chandelier has its proper space. Colorful chandeliers create drama in the kitchen. Teeny ones provide elegance to powder rooms. Even walk-in closets go upscale when lit with a small chandelier.

"Beyond laundry rooms and garages, any room is an open target for hanging a chandelier," adds Rey-Barreau. "More commonly, kitchens and bathrooms have become the popular locations for chandeliers." Crystal chandeliers have also sized up to accommodate the soaring foyers and sweeping two-story spaces of larger homes.


Lighting Small Spaces with Mini Crystal Chandeliers


Mini crystal chandeliers add twinkle to a boudier. "People are treating their bedroom suites as more luxurious personal spaces with elaborate bathroom areas, so it is not unreasonable to consider chandeliers there, either," says Dan Blitzer, Director of Education for the ALA.

"Chandelettes," or mini chandeliers, add a new sense of intimacy to small rooms and to corner spaces and alcoves of larger ones. "Minis are even being used as wall sconces in some instances -- and they look fantastic," says lighting and furniture designer Sergio Orozco.

These compact chandeliers are nine-12 inches in diameter to slip easily into tight spaces. For added impact, consider grouping them.