Crystal Chandeliers of All Sizes

29th Mar 2015

Crystal chandeliers are generally considered luxury items, suitable for display in only the most lavish and sophisticated settings. While chandeliers do shine in more formal environments, the truth is that these versatile fixtures can easily be the focal point for any room as well as more understated components of an overarching aesthetic. All that a savvy decorator needs to do is choose the right size crystal chandelier.

A large chandelier, such as an elegant Maria Theresa crystal chandelier, can overpower the look of a smaller space if it's displayed without sufficient room to surround it. This is the most noticeable mistake decorators can make with crystal chandeliers, since a dominant feature will naturally be the center of attention. At the same time, a smaller chandelier in too large a space can be overlooked and even seem out of place when it attracts a guest's notice. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right size chandelier for a new space. Kingdom Lighting's experts have put together a helpful online Lighting Guide detailing the necessary steps and outlining some key questions designers can answer to get a better perspective on an upcoming lighting plan. Read more at