Diffused and Direct Light in Decorating

17th Mar 2015

Crystal chandeliers are emerging as a contemporary design trend. Once considered suitable for display in formal settings exclusively, chandeliers are now becoming a major design choice throughout a wide variety of visual themes. One of the ways in which chandeliers offer more variety is by providing different styles of illumination. When designers carefully choose a lighting fixture that complements their furniture and color choices, the results can be truly inspiring.

Most chandeliers are best known for bright, dramatic, direct light. This style is ideal for spaces intended to dazzle at first glance, furnished with impressive items and accessories. Some styles of crystal chandelier, such as Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers, are best suited to make a bold statement in this type of space. Some crystal chandeliers can also produce a more subtle, diffuse light, appropriate for creating more complex and emotional moods. Pendant crystal chandeliers and other styles are capable of providing this less direct illumination in any room where they are displayed.

Choosing the right crystal chandelier can help designers capitalize on successful furniture or fabric choices as well as make up for any inherent shortcomings in an initial design. Visit Kingdom Lighting USA online to find tips as well as a full online chandelier gallery.