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Crystal Leaf Chandelier for Your Home

A Crystal Leaf Chandelier Kingdom Lighting provides an elegant touch to any room. The unique look combines the eye-catching qualities of a unique leaf design with an exquisite crystal chandelier. The fixtures in our collection can be placed in a foyer for a dramatic entrance, or in a smaller room such as a kitchen or bathroom to complement the existing décor. Made with hand-cut, polished crystal drops, our chandeliers are sure to make an impression when they light up your home. Read more >

Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers for the Modern Home

Contemporary chandeliers can add a special touch to any room in your home. At Kingdom Lighting, we strive to offer the newest styles to match any decor. While many homeowners celebrate the classic look of a traditional crystal chandelier, modern homes often boast a more current aesthetic, and our selection reflects this demand. Browse our leaf of crystal chandeliers to find the fixture that's perfect for your space.

Premier Crystal Chandelier Lighting

A beautifully displayed crystal chandelier will make you see things in a new light! Fluorescents can be harsh on your eyes, whereas a crystal chandelier not only provides a soft and sparkling glow, but also looks beautiful whether it's lit or not. A carefully crafted crystal leaf chandelier is a bold and unique alternative to other fixtures and is ideal for those seeking an attractive art piece and lighting solution in one. With sconces available for as low as $129.99 and larger options for just $269.99, our collection helps shoppers create a warm atmosphere in their home while on a budget. Whether you're after chrome- or gold-plated fixtures, or 6-light or 13-light candelabras, we have exactly what you need at the most competitive rates.