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Capture the Magic with Cinderella Crystal Chandeliers

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Crystal chandeliers have a place not only in the most attractive spaces of history, but also in the settings of stories and fantasy. Dazzling illumination and formal decor are both central to many stories, including the world's favorite fairy tales. Cinderella crystal chandeliers take their name from the world-famous story and evoke the timeless appeal of the classic tale. Elegant and sophisticated in design and made with the best materials in the world, these crystal chandeliers are fit for a castle and can easily transform any space into a formal and fashionable destination. Cinderella crystal chandeliers are most often displayed in wide-open spaces where guests gather for special occasions, such as in formal dining rooms above the table. They also make fantastic choices for decorating entry spaces such as foyers or serving as a decor focus in stairwells.

Cinderella crystal chandeliers allow any decorator or designer to capture the magic and romance of the beloved story. Kingdom Lighting has a full selection of Cinderella chandeliers, each with its own unique appeal. Find your favorite today at

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